BerkanaDaily Rune: Berkana
Meaning: Growth

KenazAnsuzOutworking Runes: Kenaz, Ansuz in opposition
Meanings: Kenaz — enlightenment. Ansuz (on its side) — There’re a lot of possibilities here. Generally, I take this rune to literally mean the voice of God. In this form, this may mean not listening to the voice of deity, which may be impeding my own progress. Or, it could mean that in attempting to connect the different pantheons I work with, I’m becoming to scattered and no longer focusing on where I need to be.

LeguzClarification Runes: Leguz, in opposition.
Meanings: In relation to the others, this really doesn’t help to clarify much. I’ve been struggling to accept some of my relationships with divinity, and the love that they’ve shown me. Perhaps this is speaking directly to this.

Second clarification throw gave:
LeguzKenaz MerkstaveGeboDagaz in opposition

Leguz above and to the left of Kenaz merkstave. To the left of those were Gebo, and then further out was Dagaz in opposition.

I think most of my above assessments fit together quite nicely with this one. Love should be gift-for-a-gift, and I’m not accepting the love given to me openly, nor am I really getting better about loving myself. This is a cyclic problem that I come out of for a little while, and then fall right back into. It’s time to pull my head out of my ass and get moving to a permanent resolution to that mindset.

I think today might be a good day for a post about Thor and Sif, provided I find enough time around ritual.

Happy Summer Solstice!