Berkana MerkstaveDaily Rune: Berkana Merkstave
Meanings: Stagnation, Loss of growth, carelessness

PhotobucketOutworking Rune: Ehwaz merkstave
Meanings: A lack of movement. A need for movement or change.

Clarification runes: Othila and Ansuz in opposition, opposite one another. (sideways)

Normally, Othila refers to harmony, community, the home. Ansuz is the voice of God.

Out of this, I took that this is an okay time for me take a little extra time to relax and figure out what I need for myself.

My results rune for the day…

PhotobucketResults Rune: Kenaz
Meanings: Enlightenment

Tim and I made these images. I think they’re a nice little artistic addition to my daily rune notes. Many thanks to him for his help!