Normally, I don’t do much work with angels. But emotional stops and trauma are not primary colors on the palettes of my normal spirit allies. Knowing what I do about Haniel, I asked for Her help in working through some current issues, and She was amicable to the idea.
For those of you who are not aware, Haniel is the archangel who embodies the aspects of Venus. (i.e. Love, harmony, emotions, etc.) As part of my pathworking through the element of water, I’ve been tackling some intense personal blocks and I’ve needed some help breaking down those walls. (See my personal blog for more detail.)
So, after I returned home from the lab on Thursday, I invited the household to join me in angelic sigil crafting hour. Haniel instructed me to use some of the jasmine/rose mixture we were going to use for incense as tea, serve the tea to all the participants, and fold the remaining leaves and flowers into the talismans themselves. Unfortunately, I have been spoiled by the wonder of tea bags and am obviously unaware of the proper proportions to use when making tea in an infuser. Apparently, it is possible to make jasmine tea concentrate, and it’s not very tasty.
Tim and I did the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, set up sacred space, and proceeded to evoke Haniel into the circle with us by chanting Her name.
The problem was that She showed up. I’m being facetious, of course. I’m more than grateful for Her help, but I was not expecting to have an emotional breakdown for absolutely no logical reason in the middle of ritual.
We started off chanting Haniel’s name to draw Her energy into our work. I could feel Her there, nothing about the method itself was wrong, but I just could not bring myself to form the bloody talisman. I must have spent probably an hour rolling the clay trying to get it into some semblance of an acceptable shape, and then the emotional unfurling began.
Have you ever dropped a fresh ice cube into a glass of warm liquid? Have you ever noticed how it cracks, and then often breaks and begins to melt away into little pieces within your soda? That’s a pretty good analogy for how I felt sitting there at that table.
And I just wasn’t going anywhere until my ice cube melted.
After snapping at an unsuspecting friend during the ritual, and then spending a few minutes in tears in temperamental solitude, we eventually opened up some necessary dialogue. The creation process was relatively smooth sailing from there.
These were the result:
Haniel Sigil FrontHaniel Sigil BackFinished Haniel Sigil backHaniel Sigil Finished Front
The pentacle on the back is the Second Pentacle of Venus, meant to draw in grace and harmony. I hope the Hebrew within the pentacle itself is correct. I took only a bit of the translated saying from the outside of the full pentacle (which is “Place me as a signet upon thine heart, as a signet upon thine arm, for love is as strong as death”) since I hate writing anything in a language I don’t know, particularly if said language uses a different alphabet. I’ve heard enough faux pas just on pronunciation alone, I don’t need Hebrew permanently etched in a magical tool that says something completely different than what it’s intended to because of sloppy writing or poor resolution on a computer screen.
Tim and I stayed up to watch the sun rise on Friday morning (which happens to be Venus’ day [Friday – Freya’s Day]). We blessed our talismans by chanting Haniel’s name at different tones to resonate with our chakras, while actually looking at Venus in the morning sky. (We were also blessed by the presence of 6 or so bats flying around, which made the moment all that much more special for me as I happen to find them adorable.)
Working with Her since has been interesting. I carry my talisman with me, and trace my fingers over the amethysts on the back if I have trouble working through my emotions, or articulating them. Even in the past couple days, I’ve had a much easier time articulating what I feel and expressing myself when something’s is bothering me, making me unhappy, or even bringing me happiness, for that matter.
I drink a cup of rose and jasmine tea every day to bring that energy into myself, and burn rosewood and lavender incense to her when I need particular help with something. The work is extremely simple, but very impactful.
I’d definitely recommend this to anyone else who is having trouble working through emotional issues. The ritual I did was very simple. Banish in whatever fashion you find comfortable and set up sacred space, preferably in that order. The rest is honestly, up to you. Personally, I lit three candles in front of a brazier of incense. Venus’ planetary color is green, but I used silver and pink. In my opinion, I believe it’s more important that you use whatever colors appeal to you for the purpose. Some ceremonialists may argue that up and down, but cest la vie. If you’d like, you can carve symbols for venus or Haniel’s sigil itself into the candles, depending on size and space. For incense, I used jasmine and rose, but again, choose what appeals to you and reminds you of love and harmony.
To evoke her, you can chant her name repeatedly, or use a much longer, more formal call to ask her into your circle. Perhaps something like:

Archangel of Venus
I call to you

Angel of harmony and love
I call to you

Teach me to love myself
And through that to love others

Teach me the beauty in myself,
So I may find beauty in the world

Stand beside me in my trials
Keep me moving like the flow of water

Stand with me
Walk with me
Be here with me


From there, you can simply sit and talk with the angel, mediate on your emotions, charge an object such a stone or piece of jewelry in her name, or do as I did and make a talisman expressly for what you’d like help with. I used sculpey and acrylic paints, but anything you enjoy working with is just fine. Here are some symbols to help you:

Haniel SigilVenus SymbolSeal of Venus

Those are, from left to right: Haniel’s Sigil, the symbol for the planet of Venus, and the Seal of Venus.

A useful website with the various pentacles of the planets and their meanings can be found here:

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Good luck!