PhotobucketDaily Rune: Jera
Meaning: Literally: a year. Other meanings include reaping and/or harvesting.

LeguzOutworking Rune: Leguz
Meaning: Love

Translation: There are a couple of translations possible for this. The first translation would be to spend the day harvesting and cultivating the love in my life – romantic and otherwise. The other translation is that this next year is going to be spent nurturing love in my life, which is very appropriate considering the next year of my practice is going to be spent focusing on the aspects of water, which deal heavily with emotion, including the love of the self and others.

As another part of water pathworking, I’m currently working with the runes as my “divination method of choice” for the next month, so I’m drawing an extra rune each day, and using the aspects and meanings of that rune to pick out what I’m going to wear each day. It seems a little silly, but if you can go through a month of doing that and not have the names and meanings of at least most of the runes memorized, you weren’t working enough. For example, my first day of doing this was the 15th of June, and I drew Hagalaz (hail, destruction) and Wunjo (Joy, harmony, family), so I decided to wear watery colors that day and settled on white (ice) and a dark blue. Today I drew Manaz (man/mankind) and Wunjo, so I wore something that made myself and my family happy. We’re a bunch of die-hard comic & cartoon nerds so, I wore my Harley Quinn shirt. Again, somewhat silly, but effective.